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Trusted by thousands of businesses across California, we not only ensure that your IT infrastructure remains secure, we make sure you have the technology you need to thrive.

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Why Managed Services

With over 30 years experience in It Management Services, we expertly utilize our combined knowledge to offer you the customized solutions and technical support you need to keep your organization working its best. As C-7 Licensed Contractors, we deliver these tailored solutions to you by first conducting a thorough examination of your IT infrastructure to learn what you need to succeed. After, we analyze your business from an IT perspective to determine and deliver technological solutions that resolve bandwidth issues within your organization and we monitor your systems so you can continue to excel.

Why It Management Services Inc.

By having decades of experience building IT infrastructure that serves various industries, we know how to find the right technology for your business. We won’t rest until we resolve your specific IT issues because we care about your digital safety and the local businesses that make up our community.
IT issues can feel daunting, often leaving organizations to deal with inflated diagnostic costs or expensive software that won’t solve their problems. We fix errors that otherwise cost company’s their precious time and resources by honestly prescribing the technological solutions your business actually needs.
Cyber threats can be just as devastating to your livelihood as physical threats. That’s why you need a secure network. You can count on us to protect your network from hackers and malware as we safeguard your valuable data by identifying potential vulnerabilities that expose your organization to cyber criminals before they strike.
Our knowledge of healthcare IT, as well as other high volume data industries, spans more than three decades, which allows our team of knowledgable IT technicians to effectively guide your organization through HIPAA, PCI, OMNIBUS, and HITECH Compliancy. Let our technicians help you bring your practice to full compliancy today.

Management You Can Trust

CEO, Chris Freels, has over 30 years experience in IT Managed Services and holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems. In addition to these qualifications, Chris also teaches business and technology courses at DeVry University and is qualified in MCSE, A+, Network, VMWare Certification, and Server +.1. Our highly-qualified IT staff members are Microsoft Certified and MCSE | VMWare Java Certified.

Industries We Serve

Working extensively with businesses across these key sectors, we understand the importance of learning the ins and outs of your network before we integrate your IT infrastructure with your organizational structure.


We’ve worked with health agencies that were advised incorrectly and overspent their IT budget. We examine your network to gauge what you actually need so you can manage expenses and focus on your patients.

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We utilize technology that is designed to control costs, mitigate risks, and improve connectivity for various firms in an increasingly digital legal field. Lawyers count on us to keep their data and network secure.

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In today’s dominant e-commerce age, warehouses must scale up and meet the standards of an automated facility that delivers fast results. We help transform the way warehouses operate so they can meet customer demands.

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Information Services

Our technicians utilize data in ways that help reduce risk across large data centers, their networks, IT equipment, and applications software. These include libraries, archive centers, and information support specialists.

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If you work in construction, you understand the growing need for reliable access to tools such as CAD, estimating, and other related software. We ensure that your IT infrastructure is stable, secure, and up-to-date.

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Ensuring the functionality of your commerce software that facilitates your customers’ transactions is vital to retailers’ success. We manage all your integrated retail systems — from POS to analytics, accounting, and inventory.

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