Don’t Let IT Issues Decrease Productivity

From system repair to device replacement and disposal, we bring a wealth of expertise to the forefront to help your company run smarter. Your equipment hosts the majority of your business’s data, so we understand the importance of its lifecycle and handling. We’ll work with you to repair and replace any faltering technology securely and on-time.

IT Support Services

Computer Repair Services

  • Hard drive install
  • RAM memory install
  • Laptop display panel install
  • Windows install/setup
  • Fan Repair
  • Power Supply Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Computer Virus Removal
  • We do not repair Mac OS computers but will work on them for business clients

Diagnostics & Maintenance Services

  • System diagnostics & troubleshooting
  • Data recovery
  • System cleaning and tune-up
  • Full system diagnostics
  • Virus, spyware etc. scan and removal

Upgrades & Computer Parts

  • Memory upgrades
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Add-on card install/setup (modem, network, WiFi, video)
  • System board and processor upgrades & repair
  • Cables and connectors for IDE and SATA drives
  • AC adapters and power cords

Business Support Services

  • Server room design
  • Server installation
  • Server upgrades
  • Network upgrades